Dry Stone Wall Building @ Aintree

A great workshop with Fox Rocks where a bunch of amateurs got together under the guidance of Wayne Fox and built 19 metres of dry stone wall. Great work for a great result.

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FoxRocks Principal Wayne Fox, in conjunction with the Dry Stone Walls Association of Australia, conducts walling workshops in diverse locations across NSW and the ACT.

If you would like to gain some hands-on walling experience, tips on technique and the satisfaction of building a dry stone wall, contact Wayne for details about the next workshop.

"I have always loved dry stone walls and think I have been 'infected' by a desire to build more of them. I truly enjoyed the day and felt energised by the experience...I really want to thank you [Simon], Wayne and Ken for your guidance and good humour.  I learnt a lot, and feel empowered to start a few small projects of  my own."